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The Secret Order for the Universal Study of the Afterlife Society

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“The energetic story is packed with amusing
imagery … and an endless barrage of madcap

characters …” –Kirkus Reviews


The Assassination Race book synopsis:


Edward Bloodgood should have learned to drive a standard transmission before moving to Dallas. If he had, he might not have been forced to shoot a crooked cop, join a secret society, or participate in a psychotic drag race all in the same day. With a dangerous woman named Deidra by his side, he might survive. Or he may be pulled deeper into a dark world he never knew existed. He quickly learns that The Race is more than it seems. It is only a small part in a twisted world of rude aliens, secret gatherings, taco crimes, angry mob bosses, deadly hit assignments, ghoulish hot rods, and vanilla cupcake obsessions that he will be forced to learn about firsthand. 


Follow Edward on an exciting, demented ride as he joins a creepy secret society the world has never heard of. Full of eccentric characters, The Assassination Race is a dark novel with a rockabilly feel. Prepare for the unexpected. Join The Race...or die.




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